Where to hire a logo designer?

Every business needs a logo. It is the first thing we use to identify a company. For example, if you see the three bands of Adidas, the swoosh of Nike or the half-eaten apple of…Apple (duh); you recognize them immediately because it’s the focal point of their branding.

Some people go through online resources and try their best to learn how to make a logo for free. If this is you and you believe you can do the right logo after watching 3 YouTube videos, that’s fine. But if you want a high-quality logo that reflects your brand and makes you stand out; you should hire a logo designer.

That’s why hiring the right logo designer is very important for your

THE RIGHT logo designer is not necessarily the most expensive one but not the cheapest. When it comes to the rates, they vary greatly amongst designers. Work with the ones that are good but have rates that you’re comfortable with.

You could choose to work with a freelancer or an agency but working with an agency would be more expensive.

There are lots of ways to find logo designers for hire:
Your network: You might have a professional designer not so far from your social circle but you might not know because designers, developers, and IT guys, in general, are not big noise markers and tend to not be so good at marketing.

Ask among your relations if they know any good logo designer and you can also do that on your social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Facebook groups: There is a lot of Facebook groups created to bring logo designers and people that want to hire them in contact. You can find a lot of professionals in those groups.
Online marketplaces: Some websites such as Fiverr, 5euros, Freelancer, and Upwork are specialized in bringing freelancers and potential clients in contact. These websites also have a lot of logo designers on them.

The most important thing to consider when hiring a logo designer is to check their portfolio thoroughly to know whether their current work goes in line with what you want. If you want to hire one online you should go for the ones that have authentic positive reviews and a well-established online presence to avoid scams.

If you follow these this guideline, you’ll be able to hire a top logo designer in no time!

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