The Importance of a logo in branding

Good question. Contrary to popular belief, a good logo is not necessarily ‘beautiful’ or eye-pleasing, but the one which does what it is supposed to do; help in creating brand identity, enhance brand value and build a long-lasting relationship with the customers. 

As the famous saying goes, a picture worth thousands of words, a logo is an excellent tool to communicate the personality of your brand. A consistent design at the forefront of your business can boost your brand recognition amongst your customers, competitors, and the wider audience. Thinking about big brands such as Coca-Cola, and how we all as consumers instantly recognize them through icons, marketing materials, and products. It’s the same idea with logos, by creating a unique and recognizable brand that customers can identify and most importantly remember.

Whilst having cutting-edge graphic design it’s not only the way to drive brand recognition, but it is also an important aspect. To look at some of the key benefits that stem from a recognizable consistent brand some of these benefits can include a positive first impression, increased word-of-mouth, higher brand recognition, and the lasting appeal to customers.

Your logo should appeal to your target audience more than your competitors’ logo; it should be cleaner, crisper, and more awesome than your competitors’ logo. Another important thing to bear in mind is that your logo should fit into what is trending right now in your niche. Then it can be recognized quicker, boosting your brand’s recognition and that leads us to the next important point of logos.

A well-designed logo and an excellent branding work like a virus, they are contagious among customers. If a client or customer is proud of shopping from you, then, most likely they will tell people about you. If you’re being received as a luxury brand then your customers and clients will want to show off the fact that they spent money on you. This is what we call the iPhone effect, everyone wants the latest iPhone and everyone wants to show off they have after they bought it. This is the effect you need to create around your business, give clients and customers something to be proud of by buying from you. Have your business perceived as something bigger than it is. This is not only good for bringing in customers and clients but also gives you something to look up to, and that is to not let the clients that trust you and take pride in your product down, to be the best you can be.